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About Us

Who Are We?

Server Repair started their journey 20 years ago with a brisk and continued approach to providing the best possible server repair services, in Melbourne Australia.  Since then, the company has established itself as a major service provider in Melbourne and operated their entire services with an exceptional professional attitude, coupled with an efficient support network to match.

Server Repair has based it’s business principles on many technical aspects and approaches, whilst challenging the traditional business insecurities and formalities, which has kept the company ahead of its competitors. All of our clients and employees have accepted our general strategies which deal in every possible server aspect or solution. The company’s ethic of serving the customer in the utmost professional manner is the prime symbol and characteristic, re-enforsing the fact that Server Repair will always be on the side of its customer’ s primary objectives and needs.

What Do We Do?

Server Repair offers server maintenance, repairs, parts and monitoring services generally for most hours of the day. The company has also included a customized management service for its existing and potential new clients and forms an major part of our service level agreement. Server Repair specializes in server repairs, maintenance, establishment of server tools, selling quality server parts, network management, server management, and  customer support based on adhoc requests. The business services all the local areas around the Melbourne and metropolitan region and includes regional areas ,whilst we continue to expand our service coverage .

Server Repair has the ability to manage and support a range of businesses  inclusive of  small, medium to large business server enviroments along with file and print and terminal servers. Our complete service allows the use of a range of unique software and tools for measuring key features server compliance. The company’s employees are fully trained to focus on the server’s they service and detect the possible trigger zones or threats to the entire network. Engineers working in our business are exceptionally good and they always sort out the issue within the shortest period of time.

Server repair and maintenance: The Company understands the value of offering quality service to its current and future customers. Running an online business and physical business, special IT infrastructure, is essential to run continuously. Server Repair is capable of managing both applications and servers to offer a smooth run in business.

Server Monitor: Server Repair uses the latest server monitoring platform for detecting the functionality of applications, servers, data storage, and network system for 24/7.

Network Operation Center (NOC): The Company has established a new operation center by which it monitors the resource gap, maintenance of networks, offers off pick hours and weekend monitoring facilities.

Server Repair always assists all business clients while changing their business policies and any of the technical issues. The relationship with all clients has been extremely professional, and they have been assisted in the quickest turn around. Server Repair brings its 20 years experience, achieved knowledge, and practices to fulfill customer’s requirements in a smooth fashion.

Our Vision

Server Repair has just one vision which is to offer all the organization solutions related Server and Network infrastructure with a cost effective and timely manner. The company always stand its chances on three pillars; best technological facility, professional service, and efficient management team.

In such popular market place, it gets tough to create such commanding position. Thousands of IT companies are available to offer such services. With so many online businesses have cramped up the cyber world, Server Repair understands the value of quality service. This is why Server Repair has been successful, and made themselves exceptional than others. Server Repair has positioned itself as trusted advisor and partner with all clients. The Company has never compromised with its business terms, and continued to focus on developing good working relationship with its potential long term clients. With strong business strategies and employment features, Server Repair has seen success rate much quicker than other companies. The vision of this company will remain just like 20 years back, and it will continue to earn the trust from its clients.

What Makes Server Repair Unique?

Many companies can offer all the exclusive features and benefits for their  clients. It’s a huge distance between the promise and implemention of such features. Server Repair has never offered unrealistic promises to its clients and thus ensures proper repair. All the features or beneficial facts have been executed on time. What are the special features available from Server Repair? Here is the list of them:

  • Continuous monitor for 24×7.
  • Reliable to its consumers.
  • Continual server repair and maintenance support.
  • All the latest updates are received within the quickest period.
  • Reduce the downtime of server.
  • Automated “fixer” for the common server issues.
  • Improved the networking synch with server.
  • All key features have been speedy and consistent.
  • Availability of an exceptional Customer care team has been established.
  • Allow maximum usage of IT asset by reducing the server’s downtime.


Server Repair is now offering the most comprehensive techniques for managing server repairs and maintenance services. The company has been outsourcing its special networking system to manage the growing business. Server Repair has been extremely pro-active in server maintenance management and ensures maximum availability of application, and standard performances. These features have helped the company to stature themselves as one of the best in the current market place.

Services from Server Repair have always been delivered remotely, and the rate for maintenance is absolutely reasonable. For monthly server maintenance and repair service, company is offering a decent rate for all clients. With the most professional certified engineers, customer support, advanced and secured server maintenance service is only available at Server Repair Service Company.

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