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Five Server Brands to Consider When Buying a SERVER For Your
Servers are the bread and butter of any online business. Figuring out which brand of server will best fit your needs in relations to speed, handling, and cost is an important aspect of your business success. Its best to do some research to see what server brand is right for you.
Main Server Brands
Dell has kept itself in the sever market by raising its dollar amount spent on the development of new servers as well as being a great make of server for money spent. They have seen a raise in sales as well in the last couple of years which can indicate that you get your money’s worth when purchasing a DELL server.
In the past NEC has made quick business by providing it quality Itanium based UNIX servers and has several models that have lower power consumption if that is an issue you are looking to get a handle on.
Intel –
Intel offers a host of high quality and performance options that coincide with a list of servers each of which is designed for a specific purpose. Intel’s Services Division and Enterprise platform typically rolls out new and innovative servers at a high rate and on a consistent basis. Make sure and keep an eye on Intel this year to see what new innovative server options they are sure to release to the market place to help you run a smoother business.
Acer –
Taiwan based computer company Acer, has some quality servers to choose from. The F2 line for example which was released on the market in the last couple years is geared for both data center and SMB customers. It includes upgraded support for the operating system, and both open source and mainstream platforms.
Oracle –
Oracle has found its niche in the server world offering a quality server for companies looking for single and multi-threaded applications. Oracle has ranked in the top ten in recent years for sales and 2014 looks to be another good year for this company and their worthy line of servers.
Cisco –
Cisco has gained some recognition mainly due to the success of its cloud and VMware friendly UCS B200blade model of server offering a strengthened networking and data center scalability.

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